Thursday, 21 June 2012

I Have a Dream!

I have a dream that one day the sun will shine from the heavenly skies and light up England’s green and pleasant land.

I have a dream that before too long all bloggers will join hands and dance naked through the forests of Northumberland as their skin glows and tans under the heat of summer sunshine.

I tell you all my comrades, that before too long the skies will brighten, the air will warm and the rains will cease throughout the valleys and hills of God’s own county, Northumberland, and we will all survive to tell the nations children and  grand-children that we under went the darkest days and over came the torment  without flinching.

I have a dream that once again hose pipes will be banned throughout our beautiful land and that flowers will wilt for want of quenching as the reservoirs slowly empty and this land of plenty cracks and dries.

I tell you all, I have a dream and that dream will not die until I step out into the land I love unburdened of waterproofs, woollen hat and gloves.  I have a dream that soon we will all stand together arm in arm and face the sun and cry out ‘summer has arrived!’

Killy Birder 21st June 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true


  1. Mind the pine needles as you go they can be rather sharp...

  2. If we have a summer I will not only dance naked through the forests of Northumberland, but I will show my arse in Fenwick's window!

  3. Brian.
    You need to stop smoking that green weed. Keep growing it but stop smoking it !!!

  4. Alan...I 'bare' that in mind.:-)

    Tim...I'm hearing it may be a hot dry July so the display will definitely be different form the Fenwick's Christmas display window!

    John...Aye, it hasn't mixed well with the Piriton I've taken this week!

  5. Always admired an optimist, meanwhile rain stopped play, Italy beat England, austerity starts to bite, and the nights are drawing in.

    Even the Hoppings are on hold.

  6. Ahhhhhhhh yes, but there could be an Indian Summer yet Brian:-)

  7. We had a bit of an Indian Summer last year, so you never know, lol!

  8. Yes, I think I can remember the day Mark! :-)

  9. Lol, I think there were about 4-5 days of it all-in-all, but no more.

    We haven't been exactly spoiled in recent years with the summer weather sadly. Maybe things will change soon, but I won't hold my breath, lol!