Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Terns and Hirundines over the Lake

2nd May.  Today was the first day of the year that I have watched terns and Hirundines in number flying over the lake.  There were at least ten Common Terns, thirty-five + Swallows, ten + Sand Martins and a handful of House Martins.  I tried to capture a decent photograph of a Common Tern.  I was too particular about the background, being on the wrong side of the lake and by the time I started to feel the cold I gave up.  Not checked yet to see if I got a half decent shot.

I had gone down to take make a few notes about breeding birds and eventually got talking to one of the managers from the Parks Department.  Both Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff were heard near to the lake
Never mind, I have all summer to practice!


  1. Yeah things are starting to hot-up! You'll have some nice shots by the end of the summer I'm sure.

  2. Nice to hear that the Terns have returned. Waiting for the Swifts now no doubt.

  3. Not to bad for a first attempt on a common tern, I want to get down as quick as possible to get them but may have to wait till the weekend, and johnny I spotted the 3 swifts on the lake about a week ago now no doubt there will be lots more now!

  4. Thanks Mark, John and Sam.

    Aye, as Sam says the Swifts were back last week John,a few days earlier than I has seen them last year, although none seen on this occasion.
    Interestingly guys I noted the Parks Manager and another couple of people standing next too the floating 'thing'. :-) This may mean action eventually, we'll see.
    Sure Terns will be around at the weekend Sam. Second photo I think lets you appreciate length of wing relative to body size. Cheers.

  5. Would be nice to think "Something" will happen to the floaty thing, well you do know according to the conservatives if Labour gets in "Enviromental changes to Killingworth lake will be stopped" but according to labour if the conservatives get in "Enviromental changes to Killingworth lake will be stopped if the conservatives get in" that poses the question who's telling the truth? actually better put whos lying? well technically both as no enviromental changes have even started! haha
    Anyway thats just my view and what I've seen!
    back to the terns, the first pic is actually my favorite but do like the second too

  6. Ha ha. Think you have summed up political goings on very well Sam, whether they be local or national. That's only my view as well, from what I have seen over many years. :-)
    Take care. Brian.
    PS glad you liked the photos.:-) I shall be working on it!

  7. Lol, I tend to agree re: politics!

    Yeah the pics are good and you'll have lots of chances to build on these. (Your pics and those on the other blogs I'm on here are consistently good anyhow!).

    At least if I miss the birds when out and about I can visit here and Sam/Cain's blog, hehe.