Friday, 9 December 2011

.....Tide Waits for no Man!

My feet didn't know what was going to hit them!

A small proportion of the total number of geese disturbed by gunshot.

Beginning a flight further north.

9th Nov. I took the chance today to reccy a walk planned for early January, given decent weather. The weather today was certainly more than decent and I can only hope that it is something like this come January.

Approaching Cresswell Village the skeins of Pink-footed Geese in the air looked like murmurations of Starlings. I later had fine sightings of the geese in the fields just south of the pond area. They took off at the sound of gun shots and filled the skies above as they flew north. Always a fine sight to see such numbers of geese. Having roughly counted the number in one of my photographs I would estimate that the totals number was around eighteen hundred. Three Grey Partridges lifted from the fields and Lapwing, Redshank and Curlew were all seen there to before I had reached the pond.

The pond was once again taken up with Wigeon and I’d estimate numbers at circa fifteen hundred. Golden Plover numbers seemed to total circa three hundred and Lapwing circa four hundred. The only other birds of significance were a handful of Dunlin near the causeway and one Black-tailed Godwit. The water of the pond remains very high.

On heading to the path through the dunes to the sea a pair of Stonechat were found. I’ve had no Stonechat on my list for sometime and then this week come across them twice.

A walk along the beach in fine conditions, as the tide was high and once again waves giving off sea-spray, was cut short as I misjudged the incoming waves and my feet and lower legs were soaked. As if I wasn’t cold enough! I watched the water raise from my boots. I’d done enough to ensure the route to be taken in January would be timed well. Not the first time that I have had my feet wet here and I’m wondering if I could arrange this to happen in January just so as to add a bit of excitement for participants!:-)

I enjoyed watching a hunting Kestrel before heading back (squelching) to the village and once again passing a male Stonechat. A quick look at the sea before heading home brought two Red-throated Divers and two Guillemots flying north. Earlier three auk (sp) had been seen also flying north. Only one Eider Duck was in the vicinity. The Pink-footed Geese had definitely been the highlight of the day.


  1. So that's where all the geese were the other day. That bloke told us i guess.
    We should have taken the time to stand and count the Wigeon the other day also!!

  2. Sounds like a fab day! Wish I'd been there, lol.

  3. Ta for the comments guys. I saw these geese in the sky on a previous visit (at least I assume they were the same one's. I'm sure they would be the ones we were told of the other day. Seem to be around and about the bay.