Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Birds do it, Bees do it.......

Busy as Soldier Beetles!

Small Skippers Rule....OK.

Haven't they done well?

Birds do it, bees do it
Even Soldier Beetles do it
Let's do it

5th July. As you can see the Soldier Beetles were active today as were the Small Skippers and Meadow Brown Butterflies. Some of the Burnet Moths were in flight whilst others remained still on the thistles. Small Skippers were something I was hardly aware of only a few years ago and now they are around in great numbers. I listened to Common Whitethroat as I watched the insects, and caught a sighting of it on my return.

The three young Great Crested Grebes were rather more active today, as they were calling and being fed by the adults. I happily noted all seem to be progressing well and all of equal size at present. They were soon back into the centre of the small lake to rest after a good feed and one was back up on the females back. I saw no sign of the two growing young Great Crested Grebes today. Could they have dispersed I wonder? What I did eventually find diving amongst the Amphibious Bistort was a young Little Grebe. With striped head seeming to fade somewhat I wondered if this bird had flown in from else-where. There was no sign of any adult Little Grebes although at least one has been around of late.

Five Common Terns flew up and down the lake today. The five Greylag Geese youngsters look as though they are thriving and looking more like the parent birds now.

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