Tuesday, 14 June 2011

House Martins at Last!

14th June. Not long returned from an interesting talk at the Rising Sun Country Park on Butterfly Conservation in North East England. A buffet and some wine made for a nice evening. Before I went along I at last saw some House Martins on patch. Fifteen birds were flying and chattering overhead south of the village area. These are the first ones I have seen on patch this year. There were a few Swallows feeding low over the lake today too. It’ll be interesting to see any information as to how these birds have faired during such dry weather and lack of mud for nests. As I watched the House Martins a female Sparrowhawk flew high above them. It kept appearing and seemed intent on finding a meal. I heard Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap and Common Whitethroat. Good sightings were obtained of a Common Whitethroat returning to the nest with insects. A male Blackcap also gave a good sighting as it gleaned leaves.

Little wind today meant that temperatures jumped a level and it was a pleasant evening even as darkness came in. I had arrived home in time to see the very cute Water Vole on Spring Watch. Also the discussion as to whether Magpies and other corvids have a detrimental effect upon songbirds. The usual views of course were expressed by the RSPB and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. The views of some will never change, no matter how much research is done!


  1. Hi Brian,
    Hope you are fit.
    I would have loved to have attended that Butterfly Conservation talk at the Rising Sun. Nice to hear that you have had the House Martins back........i was standing watching dozens flying over Blanchland village yesterday and watching a pair finishing off their nest in the reveal of one of the windows. A cracking little bird which i miss when not about.

  2. While i think on Brian Here is my e mail address if you wanted to forward me yours for some extra birding info if you are interested.

  3. Hi John. Ahh, you could have come too. The speaker was good. It was a talk and buffet arranged by the RSPB Local Group. Not often I go to the Rising Sun in only a short sleeved shirt (and trousers too of course:-)) E-mail address will be on it's way. Cheers