Sunday, 1 May 2011

Three Terns and Three Striped Heads.

1st May. I've just returned from a pleasant if some what cool sit by the lake accompanied by an amazing number of insects. I hope that they weren't biting or I'll be like a pizza tomorrow morning!

Three Common Terns fed over the lake as I counted three striped heads on the back of the Great Crested Grebe. One of the striped heads seemed more happy in the water than the other two, but all three got wet eventually. I think the bringing of food by the adult male enticed them into the water. It seems an age ago now that Cain, Tom and I watched the Great Crested Grebes as they sat on newly laid eggs. Thankfully the good weather has perhaps helped them. They were successful in raising youngsters last year too, but I've known years when the nest has been constantly flooded.

Despite all of the insects there was no sign of hirundines.


  1. Terns AND Humbugs!! Great stuff.
    i haven't been up to the lakes very much this spring. Can't think why not.
    Keep it coming Brian. Always an enjoyable read.

  2. Thanks John.
    I think maybe you have been taking too many holidays and haven't had the time to visit Killy! ;-) Cheers.