Monday, 28 March 2011

Cool Evening

'You flash that camera in my face and I'll be up your trouser leg'............aggggggghhhhhhhhh!

28th March. Having been alerted by Holywell Birding to the fact that Sand Martins were flying over the lake yesterday, I finally got down there to look myself this evening. There were 10+ Sand Martins flying from lake to lake as the sun was going down. Quite an atmospheric evening with many Mute Swans and a number of Canada Geese flying up the lake with two calling Oystercatchers in flight too.

I took a walk to see if the Nuthatches had returned to the nest site used over at least the past couple of years. There was no sign of them. It had suddenly turned very cold so I made of home. Not surprising that my spider friends are seeking warmth such are these cold evenings. Unfortunately I think the above's mate may have disappeared accidentally down the sink! I often rescue them from the bath.

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