Sunday, 2 January 2011

Swan Lake

2nd Jan. Ok, a better title would have been Canada Goose Lake, such are the numbers that have congregated at Killingworth this winter. I stopped counting at seventy, as I was becoming cross-eyed, as the flock were altogether. I’d say in total there are around eighty of them. I also noticed that the supplementary feeding of the Mute Swans has not been without problems. See the photo of the council notice above.

Both the larger and smaller lakes are still frozen apart from the end where I assume the ice has been broken up, and this is where all of the birds have congregated. No early year tick of Goosander this year sadly, but there were numbers of Goldeneye and Pochard, accompanied by the usual residents today.

I walked across the fields and was eventually rewarded with a few Redwings in the trees. Then it was back for the football.

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