Sunday, 15 November 2009

Back On Track.

Peaceful Patch

Whoopers at Martin Mere

15th Nov. Having been down to Martin Mere with the group yesterday, seven hours travelling for four hours birding, I was rather relieved to be able to take a quiet stroll on patch today. Although Martin Mere held its attractions in all honesty I wasn’t that impressed although I suppose I have recently been spoilt by my trip to the Scottish Islands. There were lots of waterfowl in Lancashire of course and the numbers of Whooper Swans was impressive, but the pick of the day for me was the two Peregrine Falcons on a telegraph poll that I watched as each individually took to flight, both have stretched and exercised the wings. I was pleased to watch overhead the Starlings coming into roost just as we were getting prepared to leave. The group’s day list came to sixty-one species.

I decided today’s weather was too good to let pass by without a walk on patch so I made for the lake. There were many anglers out today, but not too many birds! The Grey Heron was in its usual position beside the smaller lake and there were growing flocks of Black Headed and Common Gulls otherwise little about this area other than Mute Swan, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Coot and Moorhen. Corvids fed in the fields which were a quagmire after the heavy rains.

I counted fifty-one Canada Geese near the larger lake and reckon their numbers are increasing each winter. There were so far only two Goosanders on the lake with the odd Goldeneye and many more of the species seen on the smaller lake.
As I walked back at 3.00pm in the already fading light I reflected on the walks I had in spring and summer. I do like the skies at this time of year and look forward to some sky watching throughout the winter


  1. Hi Killy
    I decided to have a trip up to Big Waters today and thought i'd call in at Killy on the way past. It was raining this morning as i landed but soon cleared up to what was a smashing morning. Anyway as i strolled around the bigger lake i spotted a Sawbill. I haven't captured any images of what turned out to be a male Goosander and proceeded to stalk the bird for more than an hour and got a couple of so so quite distant pics, but enjoyed the views anyway. I decided to have a neb on the smaller lake before i left and low and behold there were 2 female and a male Goosander on there no more than 20 metres away at the most. I walked around, over the absolutely rain sodden grass to the small clump of trees at the edge of the football piches and had a cracking hour there watching them at closer quarters. By the time i had left it was too late to go up to Big Waters so i did a lap of Weetslade C. P. Have you ever seen the grafitti mural on the underside of the bridge as you head down the cycle way towards Burradon. I'll put it on my blog when i get round to it. Its gafitti at its best.
    Yes they are nice images that you have capture of the sky.
    Cheers John

  2. Hi John
    I'm pleased you had a good day. Yes the place was waterlogged. The road between the lakes was flooded late on Friday night. I didn't see the female Goosanders so there are more than I thought. Hopefully they will build up numbers as they did last year when there was 25+ on the lake come mid winter. You do get the chance to be close up. I'll keep a look out for your graffiti pic as I don't re call having passed this.
    Cheers Brian.