Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Demon Twitcher or Simply Indigestion?

Look closely, it is!


21st Oct. As you know I’m not a twitcher as such but a change is as good as a rest. As I sat in the pub with a mate and ate my lunch it seemed a small demon twitcher was rumbling away within me, or was it the fish that had caused indigestion? Whatever it was I asked my mate if he fancied viewing the Glossy Ibis at Druridge Pools. The ‘Glossy what, where?’ was the reply. My mate's a none birder except when he is out with me, when at times it is forced upon him. I guess he’s grateful because as a non birder he’s seen some decent birds because of me. That’s how I look at it. Anyway despite the heavy downpour, thick cloud and stormy looking sea we decided to take a look. Neither of us was dressed for birding, or in fact, such lousy weather.

I’m pleased to say that with wet feet and wet everything else we arrived at the hide to find the Glossy Ibis close by. I’ve seen umpteen of these birds on my travels, but I have to confess it was good to have such a good sighting locally. The weather also ensured there were few people about. Only three other non twitchers in the hide, although one or two more approached as we left. A number of Snipe close by the hide too. I think my mate was secretly enjoying himself when I suggested we leave. Anyway he’s going home to look up Glossy Ibis on the internet.
I might be the last birder (although having said that I know I’m not) in the North East to have seen this bird, but no matter, a Glossy Ibis it remains and I watched it in peaceful surroundings, if somewhat wet, so my patience had been well rewarded. I may not be a twitcher, but neither am I a fair weather birder! The demon in me seems to have settled down a bit now.

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  1. Pleased to hear I'm not the only one foolhardy enough to be out in today's deluge.