Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I have included some of my shots of the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. I took the opportunity of capturing almost 50 shots of this butterfly the other day as it became intoxicated on the Ice Plant in the garden. I am not suggesting that these are works of art (remember I only use a compact camera), but I do think some of them catch rather nicely the way the sunlight shines through the wings. It seems to me as if there is a light souch behind the wings at times and the wings are acting as a shade.


  1. Hi KIlly
    Nice "snaps"
    I go around with my Canon DSLR, my Canon compact and a JVC video. I reach for the compact and video's first.........my priority is to capture the image first, sometimes for identification, but i like to grab the moment. It's much easier reaching for the compact especially for myself as i spend much of my time wandering around.
    Seriously though.....i like the pics.

  2. Cheers Johny. I'm always on the wander so have so far steered away from extra camera gear, but one of these days perhaps. :-) Brian